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im 21 years old and i live in the uk
im the oldest of 3 sisters (unfortunetly).
i have quite a diepressing past to my life, when i was little i almost died of not being able to breath so i was transfered to another hospital. I i have had 7 oertations in total and one that that has completely ruined my life.
i have had problems with my back from the age of 7 so i had to where a brace to support me.
by the age of 14 i had an opereation on my back that coused me a great deal of pain and sadly it went wrong and i was in a wheel chair for 2 mounths because i couldent walk, dueing that time i turend 15 , it was the worse birthday i ever had, finaly i had another op to correct my operation and it was then succsesfull, but i was out of education for 3 years (long time eh!!)
i now have a steal rod in the lower part of my spine but i am still able to do things normaly so im so lucky to still be standing on my own 2 feet :D
the other 5 ops i had was not so bad.
ppl say im strong because of what i have been though , i still find life difficult but i try and pull thorugh each time.
im not a very confident persion in life, if anyone did meet me then i would hardly say anything because of what i have been though
i used to be really happy go lucky, make ppl laugh and be happy but now im a misrable sod xD
but on the computer then its the true me , i can be myself how i am naturley :D.

anyways lets cut the crap of my depressing life and get to the good stuff!!!

i love to meet new ppl and on the net and i would really love to traval some day , japan is my destinashion (im dislesic btw ><) and i love shoon soooooooooooooooooo much as u can tell by my profile, sometimes i dont shut up about him and i think about him all the time i wish some day i can meet him, , i love his smile , his face , his voice just everything...................(crickets sounding in the background) um er ok , lets change the subject um er
yer i like ya ya yah aswell .......although they split up >< i miss them so and im shure all u girlys out there do too
we need to get all together and go to there consert haveing a big banner saying: WE WANT YA-YA-YAH BACK!!!! that will be so cool XD