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je fandom
i need to get this off my chest

for a while now its kinda dieing on me
the fandom that is.

back in oh god 2007?
things were bliss in the fan base.
ppl were lovely everyone was understanding and computers ipads and stuff were not in around that time but we all respected one another.

its 2014 now and my how much has changed.
with everything, i meen even youtube has over 1 million views of a vid because ppl watch it out and about on labtops , phones, tablets , ipads, ect and there are tons and tons of arguments on there i dont even know where to start.

there is way way too much drama in the fandom now
i meen korean fandom im not in but god danm, im glad im not in it, the drama seems to never end.
and here *sighs* i just feel its dieing on me.
it upsets me the fact fans are bashing eachother for makeing an opinion about something and they suddently get death threats and stuff and im like really?.
even i have had my share of dislikeing and been thretend aswell.

well soon i do plan to leve.
i will visit japan this year, hopefuly dueing a consert to tie it in. but after that i just cant deal with the fandom anymore, im getting older and really honestly too weak to deal with this drama thing.

i came here to love our groups and respect one anothers views likeing or dislikeing its someones OPIONION there not hateing.
it used to be like that but now ppl act in any fan base like a bunch of animals and i dont wanna be part of it anymore.

i met some amazing ppl on here and so happy to know other fans who respect the fan base and there fans aswell as our lovely idols. stay strong yall xxxxx

my hospital trips are comeing to an end now and im gonna enjoy this other side of my life, well try too anyway, i will still keep up with the fandom but just not play part of it anymore.

thats all i gotta say.

useing tumblr
so i am hardly on here and most my updates with pictures will be shown here:


i will write here and upload scans if i dont want on tumblr so ya!

everyone haveing a good year so far?
no ops for me yaaah

and abcz have a cd whooo
not that exsited but hey more fire burnt in my purse , thanks guys
i hope if i see them ah tottsu <3 this year, i pray alot for it
ill tell them im spreading the a.b.c.-z loves over heres

oh and er happy valantines day ugh -__-
best time ever \^_^/
not really

might be going to japan this year
i dont know how many years i been wanting to go , but i feel in my heart this is the year i can make it.

now ugh its gonna be difficult. i meen my family thinks i wanna go there like typical tourest, er no.

i wanna time it in with a consert i wanna go too, could i meet people there i meen
im in shock i been told something today and well it will fufill my wish but i cant run off asap.
hotels , food, plan where to go exatly, meet people i meen i know someone who lives there, my skills in the languege is almost well non though i know a few slight words, i know almost eveything but the languege.
I am i am partly disabled, will this limit me?
i can walk and stuff but i will lose energy quickly and get in pain if i dont sit and rest for a while.
i meen if i did go to a consert, with the ques and all it would be too much , is there anyway where i could get more room when going places, i know its busy, im limited with energy.
i wanna see abc-z so badly, i wanna go when there doing a consert, i wanna see a kagaya showing too, and shopping, food.
its gonna be near on impossible.
i need help guys, whay should i do, just wing it xD
i would like abc-z to know i exsist.
its early days still i got alot to plan and i need to gaine more waight so i do have more energy.

Happy birthday Sunshine!
WELL NOO I PLANED SOMETHING BUT you plan something and when the day comes you forget or then go omg its already now ......
i was planing something but forget it whats the point i got no one to celibrate it with anyway!
im so fricking hyped today you have no idea!
soo what day is it today, its tuseday

no no thats not what i ment, SOMEONES BIRTHDAY
i kinda felt like i dident doo much for shotas uggg but i did last year i did more but
last year i did nothing for tsuka.........
wanna celibrate with me 0_0 i dont bite!

alot of the recent shows i missed because i been ill but i saw zoo shows
did you see the recent one?

saw it 2 days ago and im sooo proud of 1 memeber im dedicateing this too also.
i know he cant swim
but after seeing that show they did at the pool ^_^ almost brought a tear to my eye.
he tryed so hard, though i did laugh it was in a shallow pool, tottsu and gocchi can swim well.
but my eyes were fixed on tsuka.
agen i bring it up but im saying this!

2 years ago i sent those letters and in his i wrote about sport as it was around the olimpycs time.
i spoke about swimming knowing he cant swim and i sayed i can swim its the only sport i can do.
Im shure you can if you give it a try? 2 years later and i see this!
telling me something, no probs not
i wanna see them ice skate who thinks they should do a zoo show on them ice skateing?
i liked that the guy gave hom the things for his feet to help him, his body type is not good for water unlike mine xD.
i cant understand what they were saying but at the end they all looked like they cheered for him and tottsu put his arm around him. what were they saying?
i could go on and on about this sorry !!
im still here people sorry to dissapoint you xD

I keep thinking of you alot lately and you make me feel bad all the time for ditching tottsu , stop it ok with you and your face and your smile and ........youre sexy sexyyy body.

OK look just look at this face you ever seen someone so happy on there birthday!

im sorry tottsu *hugs* but

too!! <3

HAPPY B DAY </a stay who you are babe xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

oh yeah you love it tsuka
i had these for a while now but couldn't bother to scan till now

you all had a good Halloween?
that's good, i did nothing :D
Halloween sucks and Xmas im dreading
we are not celebrating this year thank god for that.
when i saw these photos on a site i was like MINE and i won the bid :3
never seen these before, and i don't think you will have ether but god damn o_o

ya more scans, you know you love it, its like 2 in the morning here
lets get on with it shall we..

put some clothes onCollapse )

i was in an earthquake
so yah im back
greece was lush, im upset im back already
ah it was my birthday also im 26 now
yay ugh not really, i was not looking fowerd to it -_-
ya i actuly was in a 8 second earthquake in kafilonia
i cant lie i loved it xD
i was hopeing another one would come, but ah we were all ok.
though the little darling kitten i rescused was so confused.
i have a picture of her!

baby tig'sCollapse )

so much happend and i have pictures on fb, but whats the point -_-.
i keep updated so its like a diary for meh aswell for people who care about me <3 xxx

we also came across a modal
while in the pool with my sisters, this pritty girl was haveing pro photos taken.
heck we could be in them :D
she was mighty fine!

away in greece
I will be away from today in greece for 2 weeks.

so i will be back after and such
and its my birthday dueing that time *sighs*

laters all xxxxxxxxx
have a good week

(no subject)
Look's like all i own is shiz of this guy huh

people upload tottsu stuff so there is no need for me to share
since i don't see much of mr yellow, i play part in spreading some <3

Here goes
i had these for a while but couldn't be fudged to scan them
my laptop is still alive i cant believe it.

the last shot might give you a nose bleedCollapse )

i dont do memes i have too much time on my hands today
Which Johnny's unit is your favorite? a.b.c-z
Who is your favorite Johnny? used to be shoon and still is but in je take a guess, look at my icon! tottsu ofc

What Junior/Junior unit do you hope will debut next? b.a.d
Who is your favorite senpai unit (Before SMAP)? wtf
When was your very first contact with a Johnny? never happend
Who was it? your mum
How did you learn about him/them? :/
When did you start liking/listening to a Johnny’s group? 2006 something like that
Do you have a favorite actor in Johnny’s? actor? shoon was in a drama does that count?
What was your very first drama starring a Johnny? err i dont know
Do you have a favorite drama starring a Johnny? i hate dramas, i only get it if a memeber i like is in it and i will FORCE myself to watch it, even if i don't like it
What Johnny's drama have you watched lately? non
Who do you wish would act in a drama (that hasn’t already, of course)? i dont give a flying fuck about dramas, stop asking me this question.
How many times a day do you think about Johnny’s/your favorite unit? there around me all the time, even when i go out there is a small picture and at night in my dreams, you do the maths.
how do you live without thinking about them? how do you?

Do you have a Johnnys group/ Johnny on your desktop wallpaper? no i dont, its ugh the main computer people walking though all the time, i dont want them stareing at it!

What would you do if your favorite Johnny knocked on your door? say hi then run away and hide.
What advantages does liking Johnny’s/Johnny’s groups give you? copeing though life and sociaty whats left of it anyway
What disadvantages does it give you? yea i would say money, i meen heck if i liked every band i would be broke so i tend to stick to 1 group, delibrately.
Have you ever dreamt about a Johnny? dude i fell in love with tottsu because of a dream 3 years ago, i knew nothing about him, till i had that dream! i had an operation 3 weeks later and i was bed bound, i almost died but just by watching tottsu and with my familys help of course i pulled though a.b.c-z debuted too as i was in recovery mode, you could say though being so far away they helped me alot though tottsu way more. i wish my words could reach him.

If yes, what was the dream about? i was about to be killed by a army of people in a gang of some sort, i saw yokoo talking to a memeber and asked him to help me but ignored me.
i ran on a cruse ship and went to the barrier and started crying, i as i ran up to it noticed someone next to me! i then closed my eyes and started to sing to the ocean in an oprea way (i cant sing btw)
and he turned and smiled at me but my back was turned!
"THERE SHE IS" shouted one of the gang memebers. tottsu gasps and i ran and went though the door next to me and i hid.
he seemed worryed, you feel it, you know that feeling you sleep but you can feel how that person feels, he was worryed for me and went to look for me! but i ran off.
Do you have an OTP? If yes, who is it? wtf is that?
If you could make one wish about Johnny’s, what would it be? that they would act like men insted of poseing with flowers kids and teddy bears, and stop striping aswell.
it does not make me go awwwww.
If you were a Johnny, who would you be? hmm ueda? i guess
If you could ask your favorite Johnny a question, what would it be? i want to ask tottsu if he is gay
What is your #1 favorite song by a Johnny's group? there is not one, but i do like love and peace
i hate romantic songs
Do you listen to Johnny's music the most? NOOOO infact i hardly lissen to it, how bad is that!
i watch there interviews and rather watch them as the person they are, the music is just a bonus for me.
Which band/singer did you listen/like the most before Johnny's? cradle of filth they were GOD!
there music jnrb5udrotnqweogr my mum hated HATED there music with a passion!
If you were Johnny, what would you change about the Jimusho? er come agen?

want more?Collapse )

tottsu photo set <3
Not twinkle
its stage play and his traffic outfit ones

drop in the ocean!Collapse )