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Day 4 ~ off to harajuku today!
today another year goes by
im another year older, oh nos
you are almost reaching... shhh no dont say it -_-
1st of september its my birthday whoop whoop so lets party \^o^


enough of that
lets back into the trip shall we.

wakeing up today i was not in pain, thank god.
breakfast is served from 7 till 9am.
and every time we had to take a ticket down with us that was left in the rooms.
it was irritating as i forgot to bring it with me 3 times lol .
the food was good.
again on the reviews people complaned for the lack of choice for food.
the selection was fine, we dident care, we was up and out so a quick breakfast was fine.

so i couldent wait any longer, i wanted to visit harajuku so we decided to go there.
well we had to take the train of course.
and we used the subway alot.
the tickets are tiny arnt they.
we spent most money on the train more than anything on our trip.
from seeing vids online about the trains i was worryed, but it was not as bad as it was.
people are very structured there.
like no pushing or shoveing , i like that.
people here in the uk, when on the underground, people dont care, they push and shove you so they can get in first.
non of that happend in japan and it made it more easyer.
we decided to take a de tour though and went though yoyogi park.
it took us a while to............oh wait.
yup my brain is loading this moment.
i wanted to go to shinjuku first.
thats right xD
um, in the end i dident have a look around, i should of done but i dident >.<
for some reson when we got there i changed my mind.
my dad was like -_- really, you do this now >.<.
ok ok , i kinda wanted to go there for a reson.
its a hot spot for idol spotting lol sooooo i thought perhaps i might see a serten someone there.
i would of been looking around for basicly nothing.
there was a shrine i wanted to see because *ahem* someone goes there.
welp , i changed my mind, i dident wanna feel stupid , so in the end we walked to yoyogi park.
it was a nice day this day and not many people around.
we got there eventuly with some help from some local people showing us the way.~
i saw this horse stable and there were kids around 4 to 5 rideing horses, it was very cute.
a stable in the middle of tokyo , i dident expect to see that.
i could see all the trees, we finaly made it.
i loved the structure at the entrance, it was soo beautiful.
my dad was awestruck and took some photos.
it was so big the park lol.
took it slowly strolling though.
whats the point in rushing right, ha i laugh saying that i felt rushed because i struggle with energy levels.
well i went at my own pace anyway.
we made it to the center of the park and i kinda got over excited.
"ohh look the first sighting of a temple."
and this area was like my main area when i went to japan,.
i saw it as like a save point in a game you know, something you keep going back to because well this is the place i lost my mobile phone, lol great huh xD.
i washed my hands with the water bowl thing, im sorry i dont know the name.
i also saw this catapiller.
I love animals, and i saw this ass hole guy go by and squash it, it made me so mad, like why do that you stupid ****.
inside we went and there just so happen to be a cerermony take place.
so many tourests here and my fellow red heads ^.~
They played the drums there.
my dad loved it so much here that we stayed for almost 2 hours.
i was already done here xD but my dad wanted to stay.
i sat down on the steps and me and a few other people got told off by a guard to move our asses.
really i should of bought gifts for family and freinds here, but you know what , i felt bad when i got back but i dident get anything, i hardly got anything for myself either.
i felt being here i wouldent by much unless its je related.
it was more for memories you know, takeing everything in.
im older now so i guess i tresure these things more than objects.
saying that though i did go to a gift shop and got a few little things,
saw these little cats on display and i was playing with them, this glass one has a bell in it and i kept spinning them all.
im going to get into trubble if i keep doing this xD
so i decided to take one home with me and mess around with it at my hotel.
I also got another cat that had the luck symbol for health, i thought it was approprete for me.
the lady at this till was so lovely , and she had very good english aswell.
Finaly we headed for harajuku.
i knew even before we got there my dad is going to hate it,
and yup he did lol.
i was looking for the johnnys store but unfortunetly i couldent find it, so i dident go in >.<.
the train station here is so tiny, i was like omg is that it.
its so small like a dolls house.
the street was right infront of it, it was soooooooo crouded here ugh.
dident matter what day it would be the same.
so we took a stroll though.
i came across my first unoffical je store.
ah finaly...lol
i looked at my dad and he was like "its ok , ill wait here"
there were so many photos, and with my dad not really wanting to hang around a shopping area i thought.
wow how the hell am i gonna do this. >.<
i lost my confiance and went outside.
my dad was like "what is it"
"ehh i dont know what im looking for, i dont know what to do."
luckly in the morning at the hotel i wrote down in japanese the idols i was intrested in, so i took it with me to help sort of ask the staff for help.
this store though felt very very dogy
like a drug store or something they way the till was set up.
well there was this guy there and i was like "ummmmm, hello im looking for a.b.c-z"
gave him the note with my shitty writing with tottsus and tsukas name on it.
he came out of the cash area and directed me to the photos.
i was like "oooooooo" in my head o.o
"arigato" i said.
gosh i must of spent like 30 mins in there flicking though these photos.
and this was just 1 store.
i really was trying to be quick but i couldent, my hads were shakeing as you have to write numbers down.
so trying to note these numbers while not wanting to let my dad wait forever i tryed to be quick.
how can i right with so many photos.
in the end i was done and went to the till.
like i sayed before i struggle with writing so i thought i hope the poor guy can read this.
the store was empty till i was at the till i formed a que.
actuly i saw a set of photos but they were tied up, i should of asked the staff to take it off but i took it off myself , i felt bad doing it but i was stuck at the till because i was paying so i just went back and grabed them.
he came back and told me that 1 photo was out of stock but it was alright, i just needed to leave now.
finaly went out.
this place is very much like a place in london called camden town, its pritty kool.
though camden town is bigger i think.
i came across another je store.
my dad looked at me and just nodded lol.
this place had tons of those photo booths.
like really there obsest with these here, i hate my photos.
thats not why im here.
so many hand made posters.
i saw a tsuka one hanging up and i was like "i want that"
there was so much stuff.
took me a while but i found the group i was looking for.
i sat down for about 15 mins writeing numbers.
there was sale box behind me so i spent a while going though that
im glad i did because i found a few things.
i got like 10 poster things and other stuff.
my dad came down after i bought stuff and sayed "what are you doing, you are takeing forever.
"im not spending all day in this place so when you are ready can we go."
i was not really intrested in the other store, but the other je stores i did want to go into my dad ignored them and wanted to get out of the area xD.
well i would be back another day because of the show so i guess i can go back and look in the stores i missed.
anyway i was a little hungry so we went to find a place to eat.
we stoped at an hawaii resturant.
i love love love the melon soda they have here, its so good.
we dont have it here.
i ordered a chicken dish with rice, there was so much on my plate i couldent eat it all >.<.
after lunch we headed for shibuya.
we went to look for the parco theater because i wanted to know the location of the place.
took a while but we found it finaly.
what a place to have a theater.
inside a shopping mall looool and on the top floor aswell.
i went to the 8th floor and they had some anime manga stuff, just broused around.
we asked the people at the desk where the theater was located and told us where the theater was located.
the theater was closed this day, curious i wonder if they were rehersing up there lol.~
but non the less i felt more comfterble knowing of the location.
actuly tottsus theater was very close to where we was staying.
but the other one i dident have a clue.
but we found it.
walking around the building i saw a bill bord and one poster was of the show.
i pointed at it and sayed "ahhh thats it, thats the show i come here to see!"
Well one of them of course.
"yup, lool i want to take this poster back to the hotel with me" i said.
my dad was like "thats going to be impossible".
I should say this but im not one to fan girl or show emotion so its hard for people to tell if im happy or not.
when i went on a cruise with my nan,.
when we got back my nan sayed to my mum "did emma enjoy it because she has not spoken about it much"
of course i enjoyed it and i told her this when i found out she dident know if i had a good time.
im sorry i dont show my feels all the time.
its just me.
well i my face did light up when i saw this poster.
my dad took a photo of me next to it.
in the end we decided to leave.
i saw an arcade and well eh couldent resist so i went in.
i took a while in there and well i tryed to win this plush from atsume neko, i really wanted it.
i drew im quite a croud because i was very very close to winning it.
well my dad came in and sayed "come on stop waisting your money on this crap and lets go"
i got a telling off xD
well with reson because my dad dident want me to waist money on this when it can be used for something better.
i know what he meens but part of the reson i wanted to come to japan was to have a go on these things and even so i couldent take my time in there *sigh*.
that was the last arcade in japan i went into -_-.
we headed back to our hotel as it was getting late for us.
back on the train we go.
you know alot of people use there phones in england, well duh right.
i was shocked to see the amount of people on there phones on the train, in all honesty it made me very upset.
they could have a chance in chatting to new people but they were all , all of them on there phones.
my dad was saying how sad it was to see this.
i can understand this because i feel the same.
when at home i go online alot. but when im out im never on my phone, mostly if im with someone i always have it off.
to me i find it rude.
but well its causeing no halm, but i just see that we are so fixed to a screen these days and dont pay attention to whats around us any more.
i enjoyed SOME of the train journys.
and the local japanese people were not bothered by us.
i was worryed as being over seas i would get looks but not so many thank god.
hotel again its nice to have a room to yourself.
when you are so tired you just wanna sleep.
i tryed desprately to get hold of family memebers at home, but my phone has this thing called roman that gives you limited access.
might i add that i had no connection what so ever to freinds or family.
i forgot my fb pass word and my emails wouldent let me access because i was overseas and had to varify that i was me.
i was not in the mood to fuck around on a computer while im away.
but i was upset that i couldent talk to anyone,
honestly i felt quite alone at these times.
luckly i managed to send a long ass message to my mother.
bless her, she worrys alot about me, and well being over seas she needed to know i was there.
FINALY i could reply, and she was happy i was haveing a good time.
i had time to go though all the crap i bought and displayed some of it in my room.
had a bath, so nice to have one shower or bath after this heat wave.

well i guess thats the end of another day lol
where shall i go tomorrow.

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