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Day 3 in japan , may 2016 18th
Im sorry its been a while since i posted.
Things have not been good atall here, we had some very bad news and i have not been in the mood to do anything recently!

When we arrived in japan it was day 2.
I should of put that on the last blog >.<
its now day 3

on the 3rd day i woke up in complete pain.
I have to take tablets before i sleep due to my spine.
since my operation i have had to take them and i forgot to take them last night.
what a great start!.
when this happens i cant litrelly do anything, i feel like a brick my sholders hurt so bad.
I had to force myself up this day, i took them , but it takes time for it to go though.
how on earth am i going to do this.
moments like this i have to switch off from the world.
like im not in control of my body, i do this alot.
so i had to put myself in this position.

My dad came in to ask if we was ready to go for our first trip around tokyo........
"ready as ill ever be" i said to myself
we missed breakfast but that dident bother me.
took a drink and was ready to leave.

It was such a hot day!
I dident realise how hot it would be and the state i was in....i dident want my body to stop me.
we decdided to take a walk around our local area first.
I had to sit down every 10 mins.
I felt bad for my dad because i am very slow , but even slower at this state.
But he understands this and really we had all day to look around.
I thought "if this is going to be every day with this pain , its going to be impossible."
but i pushed on.
we decided to head towards Tokyo Imperial Palace and take it slow.

I was very nervus too, i dont go out much at home in the uk.
so being on the other side of the world was even scaryer for me to be honest.
there was alot going on, people rushing here and there to get to work or school.
after time i got used to my surroundings.
The people in japan are dressed very smart arnt they.
alot of bussness people around where we was staying.
we sat down for a bit to have something to eat.
then headed towards the Imperial Palace.

We made it there finaly.
perhaps quicker if i was not slow.
but wow what a site.
there were people haveing picnics on the greenery and freinds gathering.
again we sat down in the shade to take in the suroundings.
my dad wanted to take some photos.
i hate haveing my photo taken but i dident mind haveing photos done here because i wanted to do it for my family and well i did wait 10 years to come all the way here.
it was a lovely area.
My god though has anyone noticed how many crows are in japan.
we made quite a few freinds lol.
slowly by this point i was feeling better than i was in the morning.
we decided to take a walk around the palace
I stood by the lake that was around it.
they had tortoise in there and loads of carp/koi.
Alot of them gathered at the edge, looked like local people did feed them.
A man came up to me and my dad and spoke about the the fish to us.
unfotunetly we.. well couldent underatand japanese , but he tryed very hard to tell us about the fish and where they are located.
There was a few things i could understand but very little >.<.
seemed like he was very keen to show us all the ganji tourests about the fish in this area.
it was nice to see the local people keen to share there passion to other people.
my dad wanted to have a look at the gardens they had located next to the palace as he is very fond of nature extra.
I was curious too so we took a look.
The ticket guards gave us this plastic token thing, so we dident have to pay.
there was a small musium inside so we took a look.
My dad was very intrested in the stuff they had in there.
Old tradishanal clothing and wall hangs and dolls.
I saw a chair in the corner and i so wanted to sit down.
I was sweating so badly, it had a fan.
but i resist and dident sit down.
There was this indian family that we came across alot in the gardens.
well the son sat down on the chair, and this guard came over and just used a hand guester to tell him to get off.
i perhaps would of been told to shove off aswell if i sat down.
One chair in the corner i guess was there for a reson.

so after we went out and had a look around the gardens.
I do have pictures of it.
ah i should say here um
unfortunetly on sunday in japan i lost my phone.
so all my photos i took are gone thanks to me >.<
so the photos i have are what my dad took.
and i luckly had a camera but used it on my last day in japan but i will get to that on another post.

so we took a stroll around the gardens.
I took any shade i could because i couldent stand the heat.
I drank about 5 bottles of drink that day and im not a big eatter or drinker.
there were alot of tours though here with the elderly.
they smiled at us walking past and other over sea people would just say hi as we walked past.
honeslty i can barely remeber this day because of the pain to be honest.
we walked past a sumo wresaling building i think it was.
my dad took alot of photos around this area.
after going though the gardens i noticed that tokyo dome was close by.
So that was our next destination.
it took a while to get there but it was alright.

of all days though ,
when we arrived there were a ton of fan girls.
it was un expected lol.
a korean band shineee was performing there that day.
and i started to feel uncomfterble with the croud, there were so many girls there.
when we left at the end of the day, i could hear shinee sing in the dome and the fan girls go wild inside.
we had a look around the little shopping area they had there.
i wanted to have a look around.
the roller coster was awesome, i loved how they merged a small theme park, a stadium and a shopping area into one.
you could be there all day if you wanted too.
I saw an arcade, i really really wanted to go into one.
it was one of the things i was looking fowerd to comeing to japan.
my dad knew i would be in there all day if i was alone but i only stayed in for a little while.
all the plush they had is 100000000 better than the crap we get in our games.
so i had a go on a few and i won 2 toys from the same game!
I came out and my dad was like "you won again"
im quite a pro on these things though i must say!
had quite a collection from the stuff i won but i sold alot of it now.
But these 2 im keeping.
I only looked in one store, i was not really in a shopping mood that day and well my dad being a man dident want to spend all day in a shopping complex.
I saw this very cute little teddy in one store.
I dident know if to buy it or not but i did,
I learned about the tax system when i got it, it was new to me as when i bought it, it cost more than the price shown on the display.
the teddy is how you say SUPER KAWAII
It really is, lol ill put a phot of her up.
we went into a supermarket around here to grab snacks for the hotel.
i was really tired and wanted to go back.

sounds like we dident do alot that day but we did xD

oh our hotel btw was not too bad lol.
i saw alot of complants on sites about it but really i dident see anything wrong with it.
you got a toilet and a shower, bath.
a bed of course and a really big tv.
i had a really big mirror in my room and ugh i hate mirrors.
i covered it up with my jumper because i have a fear of them......long story >.>
oh when we got back btw, the cleaners clean the room every day and they leave little origami crane birds on our beds.
it was nice to see them do that, i have quite a collection of them now.
We had our own rooms btw.
so it was nice to crash out at this time of day.
i put up my new fluffy freinds on my table along with my a.b.c-z crap xD
A freind of mine kindly bought an abcz calander for me from japan.
and well i took it back with me and had it displayed on my table, along with my little tsuka fan that i stupidly dident take to the show, i so wish i did.
anyway it was nice to have a shower.
the tub was comfterble. i was wondering how it would be but it was nice.
Because of my spine, its not easy to lay back and chill, but it was not bad atall.
I was tired and not in the mood to watch tv so i decided to hit the hay.
I remebered to take my tablets this time lol.

park 3

palace 6

palace 7

palace 3

palace 2

bunny dale

kawaii plush