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may 16th Day 1 going to the airport
Dident get any sleep last night.
how could i knowing what was going to happen the next day.
today is the day.
all packed and ready to go.

i live in a very small country village so it was going to be a long drive to the airport but because we travel quite a lot around England it was going to be easy to get there.
We was going to meet my dad at the airport.
arrived early so we had time to spare so that's good.
my mum was very emotional, everyone knew how much i wanted to go , but my mum has basically not just been a mum but support a care person for me as i do struggle with physical difficulty's so this was very hard for her to let me go.
yes im an adult but family bonds are strong aren't they, and besides i will be on the other side of the world for the first time, i don't know what im setting myself up for , but i was ready for it.

getting to the airport was fine, but *sighs* my mum insisted i take a wheelchair with me as i struggle with standing due to limited energy.
well that was not a straight process, you had to wait with other people to get a chair at heathrow airport i forgot to add what airport i was at.
eventually we got one but the process pissed us off.
we got one and it was time to go though the gates
My mother started crying seeing me go.
i hate to say this but its true, though at my age, im still treated like a fragile flower (as i call it).
yes im clumsy and been though alot of hospitals and stuff and i know, my family knows and my freinds know how much i wanted this.
from being half dead in a hospital bed to going on a trip half way around the world just got too emotinal for my mum and family.
i told them not to worry and gave my mum a hug.

next stage was getting though scanners n stuff, and well it was a breeze as me being in a chair actually made the check in and shit a lot easier.
had something to eat as we had time to spare and after that it was time to board the plane.
the restaurant i picked was lush as, and the waiter was pretty erm cute loool and super friendly.
served us imminently, we had the chair with us but i sat on a sofa to eat.
me and my dad starting talking about things to see and do in japan.
he knew the main goal of the trip though, to see a ahem someone or 2 people in that matter.
we planed this all in advance btw of course
ahh crap, i should of spoken about that first?
ehh >.< agh i really should wow ok this is mixed up now.
ill finish this and then write about before i left for japan?
that alright, ok ok

anyway it was time to leave to board the plane.
the waiter thanked us and came to me and sayed "have a wonderful trip"
oh sir why thank you >.<
me being shy as i am in life turned away and was like "oh .....thank you"

only till then it hit me, it hit me the fact that this is actually happening going to japan, you know "seeing is believing" that's the kinda person am.
So getting on the plane was fine and the staff were really nice and helpful.
Now it was time for a fun 12 hour flight....12 long hours -_-
my dad HATES plane journeys so for him it was difficult, as for me i love airports alot its one of my fave places as i enjoy to travel and plane journeys can be just as existing.

So already on the plane and im getting looks from the people travailing home to japan.
not even landed yet and im already getting looked at......i don't like it.
(i suffer from anxiety, ill get to that on another post)
The food the air hostess provided was alright, Japanese food i don't eat hardly ever but it was nice and i cant use chopsticks so yay for that, trust me i tried.
yall know how shit my writing and typing is, you think eating for me is any easier lol nope its not.
(i have Arthrogryposis, another issue of problems to add to my list)
info on the condition here:

ANYWAY the flight took us through the night so that was good timing.
the movies they provided was pretty crap other than dead pool as i wanted to watch it.
honestly not much to say about the flight other than that.
we arrived in japan around 11am time i think, im not sure.

As we landed, one of the air hostess came standing next to me, she stood there for a good 4 mins felt like.
in the end she keeled down to my level and asked me if i wanted a wheel chair, i replied "yes please if that's aright with you."
she smiled and nodded.
well though before that i must say i felt so bad because the same lady was clearing up peoples left over food trays you know, and well she dropped about 4 on the floor right next to me, i dident do anything, i felt really bad after i wish i steped in to help her but i dident, plus the trolly was in the way.
so when i saw her standing next to me, i thought she was gonna tell me off or something.
if she spoke to me imminently then ok but is that she stood there for 4 mins so i questioned it alot.
my dad i at the time was in the toilets so she perhaps wanted to ask him.
eh , whats done is done right.
the lady asked us to wait till everyone got off and we was alright with that as we planed to do that anyway.
annoying seeing people rush to get off so quickly, its best to wait till everyone has finished fluffing around.

So it was time to set foot on the other side of the worlds soil and what a welcome.
the plane staff were very nice when we left.
as we got off the plane there was a man waiting for us with a wheel chair already!
i felt like... i dont know how to say but like someone special?
all eyes focused on me, eh im not good being center of attention but i went with it.
the staff on the plane thanked us and sayed enjoy your trip ect and waved good bye.

we arrived in narita airport.
the man who brought us the chair actually stayed with us the hole time and escorted us through the airport.
He was very friendly, he even spoke very good English as well.
He seemed very happy to help guide us though to our destination.
we had to have our finger print scanned?
and what i hate more than anything in the world is having a photo taken,
had to have my ugly mug taken, i had to stare right at it.
i have a panic attack if i see my reflextion. (another story), i hate the way i look and i hate mirrors, so ugly.
ugh i just went with it and got it over and done with.
after that we got our bags.
my dad spoke to the guy alot, just makeing conversations about why we are there and that it was our first time in japan ect.

soo next part got confusing as we had no clue how to get to our hotel but luckly our guide was able to help with that.
i say guide, his job was to help basicly people with difficultys around the airport, disabled people i guess.
the airport was so empty so he was perhaps glad that he got to help someone out lol
very cheery person and smiled alot.

we needed to get a train to our hotel that was about an hour away from the airport.
the guy spoke to some people on the phone to help us and then we went to to a desk to get some train tickets.
so in the end we left the airport and thanked our guide for helping us out.
and now i was on foot and oh boy the walking throughout japan i tell ya was exhausting.
we found our platform and the train.
it was pretty empty so we were lucky.
my anxiety started to kick in as now im in a different world completely.
the journey to the hotel was smooth and easy and it was nice to see our surroundings outside the windows.
i was so tired by this point i just wanted to drop there and then and sleep.
but we still had a long way to go.
ha it was raining too, great.

Our hotel was in the chiyoda area in a place called nihonbashi?
you know it?
well it was right next to tottsus performance that i was going to attend so that was pretty lucky.
his place was a breeze to find.
parco on the other hand was not so easy but ill talk about that later.

anyway we eventually made it to the hotel but we were early, i couldn't crash out.
my hair went to shit as i have natruly curly ginger hair, the weather ruined it, and thus it stayed that way for the rest of the trip as my lovely hair straighteners broke when i arrived.
something to do with the wats or something voltage?, it just dident work and that upset me A LOT.
2 days before i left for japan i went to have my hair done at the hairdressers for this trip.
so yes i was really upset when that happened.

we stayed in a Chinese restaurant to pass time till we could go into our hotel.
yeah a Chinese restaurant xD
it was yucky in there, they had cockroaches on the floor >.<
soooooooo over time we went back to our hotel and signed in.
the staff were nice but didn't speak English,
i dont expect anyone too. its our job honestly as a traveler to know a few or alot of there language to get by you know.
anyway we signed in and we both had a card key each for the rooms,
we both had our own rooms.
when we signed in the lady at the desk had some mail for me,
i was worried as i dident know if it would arrive or not but it did, well one of them anyway.
the ticket for netorare sosuke, i dident say was i was going to see did i xD
well it was for 3 shows, not a concert.
i deliberately tied this trip in with a show or concert.

The rooms were nice and had no view, but i dident care i wanted to sleep , just threw everything on the floor and went to take some zz'ds
but then the phone rang.
wtf ,,,,,,,why is the phone ringing,.. i dident aunser it.
my dad knocked on the door and sayed "this is for you".
"did the phone ring in your room" i asked my dad.
yup it was for yet another mail.
i knew what it was.
I was so relived to see all tickets arrived safely.
had 1 for netorare sosuke and 2 for boku no ana kare no ana.
(the process of getting these tickets was very very hard.
if it was not for my freinds help, i wouldent of been able to see my boys and hoestly this hole trip to me would of been for nothing.)
i could finaly relax and crash out.

Thus day 1 ends for my trip.....
hit the hay!

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Hello! Thank you so much for sharing this. I'm really glad you took the time to write about your experience. It is one thing to go and another to actually take the time to write and make memories about it. For that I thank you.

I really feel strength reading this. I can feel you are a very strong person. I'm so glad you are surrounded by loved ones who help achieve your dreams!! I am so glad for you!!

I feel really moved too because I will be going to Japan very soon as well. I hope it leaves me with as wonderful of an experience. (=

Aww bless you.
Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.
I did have a wonderful time there other than losing my phone.
one thing I did miss there is shareing the experience with a fan as I was alone at the shows.
I think it would of boosted my confidence alot more.
my farther droped me off and I had to find my own way around the theaters but it was ok.
I wish to see them soon some day.

Have you been to Japan before or is it you're first time?
Either way im shure you will have a wonderful time ^^.
Its very hot over there.
im a red head myself and pale skin.
I didn't do to well in the heat but the vending machines there were very helpful with all the variations of drinks avaliable as we did a lot of walking.

It will be my first time ever! I am going with friends.

Yes I heard it is hot so I am worried about that so I am bringing lightweight clothes. I'm leaving soon, so thank you for your well-wishes!!

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