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I have part of tsuka
well HELLO lj
its been some time eh

yes im still here from time to time.

so whats with the title?
ya little odd

well anyway i got something recently that im so greatful to own.
but how i got it was strange

i tryed to bid on it but i lost
i was upset but then 2 months later the winner re sold the item.

i was annouyed because its like there was no thought to the idol what so ever, it was all for profit.
anyway i own this now and i will take care of it.

tsuka bracelt
tsuka braceletr
potato letter.

I did put it on , and its so heavy lol
i tryed to take it off a few hours later but it was stuck on my arm for 2 days >.<
got it off in the end. i feel like i have part of him with me <3

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yokatta! =)

it is meant to be treasured by you~

Ohh!! I wonder.. Did you have a tumblr?! I remember seeing a post on tumblr someone was so happy to get this bracelet. I wonder if it was you. (=

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