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my clementine is here.
Well here she is, my clemantine.

Hope you don't mind me sharing here.
Gotta say, I never spent so much time looking at a doll.
I was amazed how she turned out, shes darling, I'm so happy with her.

I have taken some photos. Would yo liike to see them?
This girl her personality she loves to explore and before I could take photos she was off wandering about.
Found her in the garden and decided to take some photos of her.

clemie clue
shes already out exploreing and found fraya hideing.

hey girls
i dont know why iys upside down, it was not when i saved it but, these are 2 of my bjds with her.

turtle girl
exploreing the garden

wants to have her photo taken.

ah my doll who owns the dress is not happy that shes had to sit naked while the newbie goes outside with her dress on lol

Looks like she's already makeing freinds. ♥

The dress if you are wondering btw is from a doll called kurhn a chinese make. The dress fits perfectly.
She didn't come with a certificate though. Do you need extra for that?

Anyway I want to thank the ppl at makies lab for this little girl. Shes adorable and already fitting in with my other dolls ♥