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My journy to japan
Its been years since i posted here!

but for this i feel as though i need to write somewhere about my experience.

After waiting 10 yrs and dreaming of this moment for so long
that moment finally came true!

Yes i did it , i finally made it to japan!
its been an unforgettable experience and i did have a lot of ups and downs along the way.
This was not a normal trip for me and it was not easy either but i did it after so long i did it.

where do i start.
i will cut it up into days diary's if anyone is interested in hearing my story
if not then its for me to look back on, as i still come here from time to time.

I want to thank my farther for this because if it was not for him then this dream never would of happened, honestly i am truly grateful.

and yes i got to see my boys both tsuka and shota ^_^.
i would cut it short and get to talking about them but no i need to start from the beginning right?
well if you do take the time to read my trip then i thank you.
so lets get stuck into it shall we...

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what! you came to Japan last month?! i wish we could've met up!!!

Sorry for the late reply.

Yes i finaly made it there lol.
it was a very emotinal journy.
i wish i met up with someone there but i didnt.
i had no internet connection and i also lost my phone in japan so that dident help either ><.

but i had a wonderful time, i wish i was able to spend the experiance with a fellow freind there though aswell.

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